Sunday, March 11, 2007

The day we've been waiting for finally arrived, with a big bonus. On our way to the ampitheater to see the Wiggles, who should we run into but Wolverine, Spiderman and the Goblin! As if it wasn't exciting enough just that Alan was able to join us! The Wolverine shakes their hands.
The boys try to get Spidey's attention. Theron is making Alan touch him first.
Spidey checks out their web shooters.
In case some of you are wondering, these are the Wiggles with their friends, Henry the Octopus, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, and Wags the Dog. It was an exciting show, we had great seats, and the boys danced their butts off. The red Wiggle (Murray? I can't remember) came out into the audience and walked right past us (Theron and I were on the aisle). Theron said , "It was a great thing". Near the end of the show they sang Twinkle Twinke and they turned down the lights and told the mommies and daddies to hold up their cell phones as stars which gave me the opportunity to see that we'd been there an hour, so there was hope it would be winding down soon. The boys were mostly good but as the show went on it was getting harder and harder to keep them from wrestling and karate chopping each other. Oh, speaking of which Chuck Norris was in the audience and the Wiggles sang Happy Birthday to him. Then on our way out we ended up behind the theater at the same time he and his family were coming out so we could have touched him, too.
Then it was time to say goodbye to Alan and Theron started crying - I deleted those pictures because he hates to see himself sad. I managed to get him to try a smile. Look, they both wore their Batman shirts today.

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