Monday, June 25, 2007

Countdown to 6

Theron is well aware that his birthday is one month away and he makes his requests at every turn. When I get a minute I will update the sidebar of this page to list what's been purchased and what's been requested. Briefly, we got him the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van, a Spiderman thermos, some Spiderman figurines, - but I need to go check which ones. I think Grandma got a web shooter. He would probably like some Fantastic 4 gear, especially the Silver Surfer. (we finally saw the movie this weekend with ALAN and they had so much fun and were so good except for a small popcorn fight and Theron cried because he lost his sunglasses and Skittles). Oh, and he just asked for a Spiderman 3 toy that comes with the black ooze - which I'm sure will end up under his bed with hair on it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Post Graduate Blues
Theron is having a bit of a hard week, but we're not going to talk about that. He's surely on the right track, he's just had some hard lessons to learn. Anyway... Here's my mannequin - the show opens tomorrow. Naomi did the paper hair.
Here's Naomi and Nick's horse mannequin. It looks even more impressive with no clothes. Nick's partner who is a photographer did a slide show of their work in progress. It's not wearing a hat because the nice old guy who blocks the hats for us couldn't come in until today. Even after 3 years at a western museum I had no idea that hats needed to be blocked or that people have their own signature block style. It makes sense but I did not know this. This guy did this for Gene when he was alive, too, and he loves it and he volunteers his time to do it.
Well, the weekend was very magical - we went to the Huntington Library and spent ALL DAY walking in the gardens.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Graduate Weekend We started the weekend in Santa Maria where Theron was excited to have belated birthday cake for me and Grandpa Flip. In spite of his generous servings there was actually some cake left over which we brought home. Sunday morning I was getting dressed for his graduation and I found the pink cake box in my closet. Which Theron told me is actually his closet since it's in his room. When I asked him why the cake was in the closet he said, "Mama - to save it for later". Then he omitted the implied eye-rolling that went along with that answer.

All the kids looked very cute. The ceremony was held inside the temple.

The big boys. 1st grade is going to be so sad without Alan.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh, no, it's June Very tiring week for everyone. Theron had two solid days of attitude adjustment but we think for the time being we are all on the same page. Today, Sunday, was actually very nice. Last weekend I took Theron to the nursery to pick out a new plant for the porch. This weekend he re-potted it.
Theron's been talking lately about being Toby Maguire. He thinks he can grow up to be him and he really wants to meet him. He understands very well how people play different roles on tv and in movies. He correctly identified Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of the tow truck in Cars. Tony Blair was being interviewed on NPR last week and Theron identified him as the Geico Lizard. And he thinks Grandpa Flip looks like Tom Selleck circa Magnum P.I.