Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Winter

Queen-size mossy forest floor duvet.  Cotton-silk top batik-dyed by friend, Joanne.  Backing is raw silk. 

Pocket tissue holders for Theron's school's holiday boutique.

Tiny ivory carvings from the Arctic, on my table at work.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Night, Archie Bunker

Takes his ice cream bowl to the kitchen, shuffles through the living room, "I'll be on the can" he announces.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hot Enough

108 degrees F in Bakersfield Monday.  We took the dogs to Caliente Creek to cool off.
 Oli taught Eric that water's fun

 My goodness there was a lot of moss. 
 Theron poses
 Poses again

Monday, June 13, 2011


First, the conference went well, even though my two partners were MIA - Ozge had a baby that Friday and Rebecca was on her honeymoon - the nerve! 

 Some of our new products included leather tool rolls in right and left hand friendly styles.
 I also designed a tool holder that opens into a caddy.  It was duly admired and sold out.

Next was the AIC to AIC (American Institute of Conservation) dishtowel calendar sold on a hanging dowel.
Things were great - sales were strong - can't complain.  Fortunately Molly was available to help me while my partners went about having private lives (Thanks, girls!!!!).  (Just kidding!!)
As life gets back to what passes for normal our unique family dynamic comes back into play.  Example: get assigned to bring a dessert to a going away party.  Desserts on Top Chef are the kiss of death but in the normal world that's the cherry assignment.  I decided to make cupcakes as Americans seem to like cupcakes lately.  I was reminded of a Martha Stewart project where she stuck flower-frosted minicupcakes into a foam sphere.  So pretty.  Then I thought, hey, I have styrofoam.  We have a styrofoam head we used to display safety goggles at the conference.  So I started putting toothpicks in the head to plan. 
This is where it begins.  Ashley sees the insanity and keeps his distance.  He evaluates the cost, because no matter how much he backs off it still affects him - will it be time?  Neglect of the family? multiple trips to the supermarket? Mess?  He waits.
First I made the batter for the "Best Birthday Cake" from Smitten Kitchen.  Poor Ash went to 3 stores looking for mini cupcake papers. 
I also wanted to make jello oranges from Not Martha because I knew there might be kids and the oranges were a big hit at Theron's birthday party 2 years ago.  Anyway this was the beginning of an inspired design

The Hershey's Kisses were the result of insomnia.  I love them. 
Anyway, I thought we still had some food coloring sprays I could use to color the plain, whipped cream topped cupcakes.  Ash said they were gone, I said, okay, I'll use food dye and suddenly Ash said, No - that would be great!  And that's when it happened.  The surrender.  I love this part. It happens every time.  I have dream, it only goes so far, and Ashley takes it to the next level. 
So everything was done but he thought it would be better to do the "painting" at the last minute so about 3 blocks from our destinations we pulled over so that Ash could spray paint the cupcakes on top of a hedge. 

Theron was allowed to spray paint the extras.  Jello head was a big hit.  And delicious.  Thanks Ashley - who could have guessed when I married you that you would be such an awesome partner in crafting?

Saturday, May 07, 2011

More Crafty

Thread catcher and pincushion anchor for an LA Modern Quilt Guild exchange.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Latest projects

 Bibs for Ozge's baby shower.  A good way to use up pretty scraps.
 IVS bags for the upcoming conference
 Leather tool roll

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Rainy weekend, good for indoor projects
 This is a little baby blanket for Theron's teacher, using up stash randomly. 
 This is my favorite little area

 More tool wraps for IVS

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

And pigs flew

Snow in Los Angeles!  Last Saturday afternoon. It actually got whiter but both of our cameras had dead batteries, very inconvenient. Theron and Oli were THRILLED.  Theron has no memory of being a little kid in Brooklyn, helping daddy shovel and spread salt.    All the kids on the block were outside and everyone was laughing.  Amazing

Monday, February 21, 2011

Look at my cape!

What about this weather?  It's freezing, it's scorching, it's windy, coyotes are running around in broad daylight and our dog is trying to apply makeup.  It's nuts!
Theron asked for new pajamas because he's cold and that means it's actually cold - Theron's normal uniform is underwear only.  I took him to Target and he picked out a Batman outfit with a cape.  The sticker on the front said "Look at my cape!"  We took the sticker and put it on Oli who licked it off then ran away.  Theron put on the jammies and showing off said "Look at my AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" as the static cling sent a searing jolt into his body.  I laughed a lot.  Theron did too after he ripped the cape off his body. 
Also at our trip to Target Theron negotiated the purchase of new toys by promising to buy them himself.  When I tried to collect at home he gave me a sob story about how little money he has now, then he tried to negotiate an allowance by which he would pay me back, effective today, and oh, yeah, the first installment should actually be bigger.  I walked away with $10 out of $15 and I'm happy to have it.  I can't wait until he becomes a lawyer and we can beg him for a big house and two new cars.  I suppose we'd better stop holding him back, though.
In the car he said to me, "Dad told me about kids who - it starts with an "a""
"Yeah. I'm glad I'm not that"
"I'm more bombastic"

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Dear Parents,
You've helped me so much but sometimes I can't help feeling your (sic) holding me back.  CHEERS!
Love, Theron 
You make me smile with my heart. 
Which leaves my feet free for stepping on your cape.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Alone

When you give a dog a tube of paint
 He'll give himself a home manicure
I told him we could tell he's color blind because no one is wearing terracotta this year.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't Hit Snooze

I had a great idea this morning for the Dog Fart Alarm Clock.  Guess how I got that idea?  It's brilliant because you don't just wake up, you are forced to go through a series of complex emotions and thought processes.
The alarm goes off.  You are in the middle of a dream about buying fabric.  But wait - is the fabric made of poop?  Someone tells you it can be mail ordered from Canada. 
Confusion - was that the dog or the spouse?  The spouse isn't sick and doesn't eat cat turds, so it must be the dog. 
Indecision - leave the perfect cozy position hours of sleep have molded out of pillows and blankets, or stay and hope for the best.
Incredulity - Spouse does not smell this too???
Hope - maybe spouse or child will let dog out. 
Resignation - There is only one real solution. 

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year!

I'm finally back - it's been a little busy around here.  But the new year means new habits WE HOPE. 

 In the new year we vow to try to give both puppies the exercise and play they need and deserve.

In the new year I will try to eat fewer of these kind of things.
 These are cake pops I made for Theron's classroom Christmas party.  After looking at about 100 posts about cake pops, starting with the famous Bakerella tutorial, I was ready to go.  First you bake a cake - I used a mix.  : /
When it cools you crumb it and then mash it up with something that will make it stick together.  I used sweetened condensed milk but you can also use frosting, or jam, or crushed berries.  Roll into balls, insert a stick, cool in the fridge or freezer.  When cool, dip in candy shell.  I used the Wilton melts available at Michaels.  Theron and Ash ate all the rejects and declared them a success. 

In the new year I will try to say Yes less often.  I'll probably continue to do the Holiday craft sale for the school but maybe I will start in the summer this time instead of November.   
 Some pocket tissue holders, my usual contribution.

In the new year and ever after I will no longer volunteer to do the soccer banner even though I really really love to do it. 
Theron's team, the Blue Ninjas, were UNDEFEATED the entire season.  Then in the playoffs, where EVERY TEAM competes, they lost the first game in penalty kicks.  Oh, it was heartbreaking.  There were tears.  There were questionable calls. Parents tried very hard not to say anything inappropriate.  Theron took it very well, though.  He said something about your destiny catching up with you sooner or later and let's get cheeseburgers. 
The end of season party was in December.  Ashley asked me, wasn't I going to do something with the banner?  Yes, I was. 
 I cut all their soccer balls off and made banners with a sleeve for a dowel.  Maybe Ash is a little bit of an enabler.  Anyway, I bought dowels to cut up but I had taken them away from Theron when he started using them as swords and couldn't find them all in the morning.  So, that's that. 
 Here's Theron working on his screenplay at Jamba Juice.  So far, a sprawling 26 page Spiderman extravaganza.
 Inherent Vice Squad gave these cotton lawn "Wash Your Paws" hankies to our 2010 customers.  We had them printed at and love them SO much.
This is a dishtowel I made out of a Blue Bird flour sack. 

Anyway, I don't know what else.  Just happy 2011!