Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not so bad When Ashley called me at work and said not to panic, I did not. He did say that the nurse at school thought Theron would need stitches. So I drove over, calmly. Theron seemed fine and he was. We discussed what might happen next and this is what we came up with. He would get a shot in the head, he would scream, then the doctor would put his head under a sewing machine. Maybe add a button. I promised him a toy and ice cream.
But lucky for all of us the doctor was able to tape it up. Theron did scream, but it was not. that. bad. Then of course he wanted the payoff that I downgraded to a smaller toy and an icee on the way out of Target.
It turned out he was running at recess and he had turned around to see if the girls were chasing them when a bench jumped up and smashed him in the head.
Weekend projects included making an Underdog costume, knitting a scarf

Carving pumpkings - maybe a little too early

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got new glasses last week but I don't have any acceptable pictures so here's Theron in his. I like the Harry Potter in Dad's underwear pic. I've been needing to update my prescription for years so now seeing is kind of a weird experience. One thing I complained to Ashley about is that I have to hold things away from me and that it seems unnatural. He told me that what is unnatural is holding things 2" from your face.
Theron went back to the doctor yesterday for a little x-ray. He has a persistant sniffle that we were hoping the allergy testing would clear up, but the doctor thought we should look for an obstruction. Ash says he was good except he didn't like seeing that his skeleton was smiling even though he wasn't. Ashley says what was so interesting about the whole thing was that you could see his permanent teeth lined up behind the babies. We don't know anything about results, though, we'll have to wait for the doctor to tell us.
I can't believe Halloween is next week! I guess that means I'll be spending the weekend working on an Underdog costume. The costume I've been putting off because I claim it will be easy. This year instead of fretting over which candy to give out Ashley and I just bought one of everything.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Allergy Free?
So it would seem. Theron got tested for common food and environmental allergens and nothing came up. All they do is prick your skin but Theron screamed bloody murder. After it was all over he said it was nothing, no big deal. Thank goodness again for the Ipod - 3 short episodes of Birdman and he was all done. Frankly, I think the most upsetting part about the whole ordeal was that they wrote on him with ball point pen. Theron has what our friend Kelly calls Bic-a-phobia. I wonder if the doctor will charge us for the extra swabbing.
The big red spot is the control, histamine. See what I mean about the pen? He had a conniption.
The other thing that happened in our house Sunday was a green crayon-ectomy from the dryer, reminding us that we've hit the check the pockets before laundry years. I'm not sure, but I think only my clothes were damaged, which was why I was so motivated to undertake this surgical procedure.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Journal Entry
Theron has to keep a journal for school. This is his entry about dinner with his grandparents last week. He regrets that he forgot to draw in Grandma Mary. His captions read, for himself "I have a great memory. I am six. I play soccer." (I corrected the spelling) "Dad is the tallest". "Mama has a cello". "Grandpa has pigtails like a girl".
I have a tiny quote in an LA Times article today about feathers in museum collections.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

In front of the museum. The bees love them, too.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The best thing ever happened Saturday when Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard were able to come for a soccer game! Saturday morning Theron told me, "Well, actually, I'm not that happy about soccer today, but I am excited that Grandma and Grandpa are coming". The Green Hawks got their butts kicked, but hey, that team, the Elemonators (lemons, get it?) were really good. Though we did have one kid on our team that day just doing everything and being everywhere. Two more of him and we would have aced it. Ash and I brought snack and when the coach said, What do you say to Mr. and Mrs. McGrew? they said thank you, but I know they were really thinking The other team got Cheetos.

For dinner we went for Indian food and Theron ate it up very well. That kid loves spinach and that is why he is all muscle and energy.

Today Theron and I went for a visit to Lumbini and all the little kids came running up, Theron! Theron! Theron, look at me, I'm in kindergarden now! He looked tall and he looked happy. Theron's first month of public school has been bumpy but Miss Leslie gave us both some good advice and told us to call and come back anytime because we are family now. She had to give me the box of tissue.

Still no check from the gas distributor for the violation of Layla, but check it out - after all the work she actually gets slightly better mpg and I calculated that at this rate the repairs will have paid for themselves in about 17 years. Less if gas keeps going up. So that's the good news.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh, Layla! Will it never end? Just when things were going great you get a flat tire! I was so embarrassed to call AAA because I have never learned to change a tire myself, but even that guy couldn't get one of the lugnuts off so he towed us to a tire shop. Thank goodness at least this entire encounter only added up to less than one one-hundreth the expense of the last trip we made to a shop. Theron sat and watched Blue's Clues on the Ipod and I sat there trying to figure out what the wigs are for.