Monday, May 31, 2010

'Remember lad, whatever doesn't kill you usually succeeds in a second attemp' , Mr, Krabs to Spongebob as told to me by Theron so it may not be exact

I've decided I always need at least 3 days off in a row. The first day is for sleeping. Hopefully everyone in the house has been briefed on the 'if the eyes are closed DO NOT TALK to the person on the bed' rule. The second day is for getting our stuff together. And the third day is for getting things done.
And oh, my was the weekend relaxing, napping and having conversations like, 'does the dog try to French you?' (my answer was no, why?). Our baby bird is in an apparent growth spurt which added a non-relaxing element to the holiday. We always want to get the food in him so it's a happy time, but busy. They say (wrongly, believe me!) that a mother can distinguish the sound of her baby's cry in a crowd. This is what my baby's cry sounds like: "MOM???!!!! I need FOOD!!! "
Then again an hour later. 'Didn't I just give you food?'
"Yes, but I'm STARVING!!!!"
All right, all right, since you asked so nice. Why can't you get your own food, how old are you???

Anyway, here are some pictures from work.
Feathered head bands from the Amazon

Sweet little doll
Pomo basket
Plains doll

Details from a muslin drawing

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back From Milwaukee

Wow, that was fun! Milwaukee is so cute - there's really good food, nice people, and we all agree it seems a very live-able place. Plus, anywhere is fun with Em. The Inherent Vice Squad reception Thursday night (Cafe Disco) was great - we had delicious food and a nice crowd. The girls went to the liquor store and got some local brews - a nice sample box of New Glarus beers only sold in Wisconsin. I walked to a grocery store called Metro Market on someone's recommendation and found beautiful food. I wonder what the maids thought because we didn't let them in until Friday. Until then we just met them at the door asking for more towels, a knife, and 20 hangers.
Liz made us the cookies and we gave them out as party favors.

Oz cuts up the mixed rye. In front of her are cheese curds, mozzarella strings, cheddar and summer sausage, all local. And oh so delicious. I brought cheese home and Theron's been walking around laying claim on the rest of the curds and declaring his love for "Wisconsin cheese".

Some products out, getting ready for the customers. The laptop is there because we live-broadcast on Ustream.

When you have a camera going people start doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

Professional ladies with good jobs turn out to have dance moves and hand gestures to I Saw The Sign and I Like Big Butts.
After Cafe Disco Emily and I walked back to her hotel and stopped at a greasy spoon for real food. It reminded me of when Em and I would wander around the Lower East Side looking for french fries. I had a BLT. The waitress asked if I wanted butter or mayonnaise. I hesitated. She says, "Oh, girl, butter AND mayonnaise is SO good!" so that's what I got.
The next day during break Em and I went back to the cheese store and the sausage store. Then I tried not to cry as I packed my bag and she walked me to the lobby. I kind of still feel like tears are there, but it's nice to be home. It's a good home.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Panic and Anticipation

The time is here to pack and get ones self to Milwaukee
That doesn't mean the work is all done, by any means, it just means that by the end of today everything that needs to be done by machine will be done. And we'll be sitting in the hotel room sewing tags on stuff, etc.

There are more pictures on the IVS blog

I can't wait for Cafe Disco, but also I look forward to visiting with everyone. Emily and I are going to lay in bed with glasses of wine and talk about Nilfisk vacuums.

Now that I have all this left over leather I am especially inspired by these little Apache pouches that we unboxed at work this week.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Customer Service

Drive-thru Teriyaki

Set up: there is no speaker, you talk directly to a person. This person is maybe 2 feet away from you. There is no language barrier. There are about 12 things on the menu.

Me: I'll have the #8 chicken bowl.
Person: What?
P: what? Phone order?
repeat with hand signals
P: Point
Shows me the menu with pictures and I point
M: And an small orange drink.
P: Coke?
P: we don't have that.
M: Pineapple?
P: No
M: Ice tea?
P: No
M: Sprite?
P: No
M: Okay, I'll have a Coke.
P: Lemonade?
Goes away for a really long time. Comes back with an empty cup.
P: Do you want ice?
M: Why, do you have some?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! Aaaaaaggghhhhhhh! How CUTE!!!!!

Both from Alex Monroe in Britain

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


There's tons to talk about but not so much time. Milwaukee is next week so Ozge and Rebecca and I are working till our eyes are red. Here's some images of my work neighborhood, beautiful objects in our collection, and things I'm working on for IVS. Crazy outcrop in Highland Park
Whoops, everything loaded out of order, oh well, here are some tool wraps with our lovely new buttons

French guitar from the 1850's.

Funky Northwest Coast tunic