Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Very Spidey Christmas and a Batty New Year

Well, we did it. All the dreams of being ultra prepared were not quite realized, but still things were much better than they could have been - most gift shopping was done a week in advance, big improvement. Ashley did try to go to Toys R Us the Saturday before and couldn't get any where near the place which was predictable, but elsewhere in town I was still asking where is everyone?! That Saturday, the 23rd, I went to Trader Joes, Gelsons, Ralphs, and CVS in less than 2 hours, had no trouble parking (there were TWO parking places right by the door at Trader Joes which NEVER happens) and there was only one person ahead of me in line at every place except CVS where there was no waiting.
I can't believe this happened, but we really didn't get many pictures of Christmas Day. Ashley took video this year and things happened so fast. Theron woke up later than expected, 7:30, but Ash and I had been up until midnight wrapping presents and making the living room presentable. We told him he had to wait until 8:30. So Theron sat on the bed watching the digital clock and announcing the minutes: "It's 8:07. It's 8:08..." So we got up. Theron had all his presents open in record time. In years past he would open one gift, then play with it, then open another and the whole process seemed endless. He was probably in his room watching new videos in about 15-20 minutes. Then we got ready to go to Grandpa Flip's, where there was more bounty. Also, Theron really love staying in hotels so when he heard Grandpa had reserved us a room he was extra excited. The next day we went to breakfast with Grandpa at Carrows and while waiting for Grandpa to meet us Ashley mentioned that the coffee was the worst he's ever had. So when the waitress came back to refill his cup Ashley was just barely able to get Theron to stop talking before he pipes up, "DADDY SAYS THAT'S THE WORST..."

These are pictures Theron took because he wanted Grandpa to see what our room looked like.

We had a happy and safe holiday and we are just happy to all be mostly healthy (Ashley's jaw is still not quite right) and together. We wish you all a happy new year and we look forward to hearing how everyone is doing.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Real Santa and Where is Everybody?

Well, I suppose we've finished shopping though the chaos continues. Theron and I did make a batch of sugar cookies for Santa but we ate them all, they were delicious. Even Ashley, still on soft or liquid foods, figured out he could nibble them with his front teeth, so all gone.

Theron's Christmas pagent was last Friday night. He and his class sang Feliz Navidad and a Hillary Duff song about Santa Claus Lane, or something. Feliz Navidad had about 5 verses and apparently they are all exactly the same. After the show the kids went downstairs to get a gift from Santa and eat some food. There was absolutely nothing Ash could eat since he didn't want nacho cheese without chips. Theron declared that the Santa was good, but not real. He was Santa's helper.

The very next day he and I went to Bakersfield for a Santa party at the house of a friend of Grandma's. The kids put oatmeal and glitter outside to tempt the reindeer and Santa came in with a bag of gifts. Theron got a Spiderman video game and he was so amazed because he hadn't said he wanted a game but Santa knew. Theron says this was the real Santa.

Anyway, for all the advanced planning I suppose Christmas preps, at least in our house, will always take exactly as much time as you have, though I have been getting lucky. I took packages to the post office last week and there was only one person ahead of me. It was a business man paying in pennies, but they were almost done counting when I got there. Then I went to Target Sunday night and again, no one was there. I took my car in for a service and normally I am idling in the street at the end of a very long line but this time there was, again, only one person ahead of me. But the strangest one of all was my trip to Trader Joe's last night. I even parked around the block to avoid the usual havoc of the parking lot and when I got there the lot was half empty! Never. I have never seen that. Where is everyone?!

Santa's Helper

The Real Santa

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12 more sleeps to Christmas

Well, in spite of vowing to be done Christmas shopping in October here we are still scrambling to finish up. I have packages to mail, so much for a family portrait card, and we still have to clear a space for the tree. Between Friday and Saturday we have 3 holiday events, including Theron's school pagent. Theron has been practicing - he walks around the house singing Feliz Navidad. Theron went to a co-worker's party with me Sunday and accidentally knocked the one year old over onto his face. When I told Theron to go apologize he said, "But he doesn't know how to talk".
One person who will not be overeating this season is Ashley who, while recovering from dental surgery, dislocated his jaw. The surgeon had a look and said to give it two weeks. In the meantime he is very hungry for meat and crunchy things, and just food in general. And in pain.
Theron helped me make sugar cookies. He says he likes helping, just like Spiderman.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Last Days of Vacation

It went so fast, but it was so nice and worth it. One day we went to Avila Beach where they have a fruit stand/petting zoo. All the little goats were happy to see Theron and his corn husks. We all definitely love goats. Ash says if we ever get some he will make the cheese if I will milk them. Sounds like a deal.

Our last vacation dinner was of fresh mussels. I only bought 2 lbs because I didn't think Theron would eat them, but I was wrong. He even sucked up the left over broth.

This first week back was far from normal. All 3 of us went to the doctor, Theron and I for checkups and flu shots, Ash for dental surgery. He had all 4 wisdom teeth out. He's doing great, but then he has the highest tolerance for pain in the family. Theron takes after me. When it was time for Theron to get the shots at the doctor's office Monday he ran all around the exam room in his socks and underwear trying to hide. I finally caught him and he sat in my lap for two shots shouting "Help! Somebody help meeee!!!!" Now we laugh about it. The doctor also took out a huge wad of wax from one of his ears which I though might explain a few things but the doctor said not really.