Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Else, But You, Would Want It

For bedtime we're re-reading The Cricket in Times Square, in which Tucker Mouse sighs, "Where but New York could a mouse have ice in his Coca Cola?" Theron held his drink up in a toast this afternoon, declaring his version, "Where else but Los Angeles could a boy have pickle juice in a glass?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did you know that your seat belts are covered under your car's powertrain warranty? Did you know that they're covered even if someone broke one of them by wedging a Skittle in the buckle and you disclose it to the dealership?

Slowly we're unpacking and arranging our new life. We really like it here, it's so lovely and quiet. This weekend we got rid of even more old stuff. It makes me feel really good to know that someone else's little one will have one little thing they need. So many people have helped us along the way, we feel grateful to give it back when we can.

Theron starts school next week. He's a little apprehensive about going to a new place and leaving camp - change is hard. The realization of all these changes has caught up with him this week and he's feeling it, but we keep assuring him it will be great because we know it will be. He started soccer practice and maybe some of these kids will be at his school and maybe some of them live nearby and we can have playdates and a regular life. And he's so cute and grown up. His other front tooth is coming in but for now they're so big in proportion to his face, I told Ashley when I see him in profile, arguing some case or another to his Daddy, he looks like a bratty little squirrel.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Next Chapter

Ashley said today that he doesn't really need to make any more trips to the old house unless he wants to, so the next phase begins. Normally I get really attached to things and places, I think Ashley does, too, but somehow this feels okay. Leaving Echo Park is okay. Though the neighborhood is changing it's still not great for kids and where we are now, is, so as far as we're concerned that's what counts for all of us at this point.
Now the big sort begins. We've thrown away and given away so much already, but surely more can go, and again, we're ready. We have a covered patio and boxes are there awaiting attention. By the way, I had put out some very nice baby things on the sidewalk last week. Theron was distraught. But the next day, on the way to day camp, he said we should drive by to see if anyone took them. "I hope so" he said. And they were gone. Theron said "Yay!" And that gives us hope about what he's learning from all of this.
The change is good and we're really happy.
What we have learned:
- The Bissell Little Green Machine tackles stains like you wouldn't believe. THANKS, MOM!
- The public library has the forms for changing your voter registration.
- You can print out official change of address forms from the DMV website.
- You can actually do a change of address through the U.S. Post Office on their website and to verify your identity they charge one dollar on your credit card.
- Little kids can help by: Putting things in the shredder, with you close by; wipe things with a spray bottle and paper towels; vacuum a little; take things to the trash or recycle; water the plants.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Too much stuff. Dish pan hands. Pain. Arguments with 7 year old about what makes something a baby toy and why he doesn't need it anymore. Going over calendar to see what day one could call in sick or come in late - no, no, no, no, no - that was easy. Do laundry then put in bag for Goodwill. Fill boxes now according to size of objects, not type. Move it. Start again. And goodnight...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh, no, I'm so bad with the posting. When we started this move we thought 'how luxurious, we have a MONTH to be out of the old place!' Now we only have until Monday and the amount of stuff we own is just exploding from every crevice. We are so grateful to Grandpa Richard and Grandma Mary for coming down with a big truck. Ash and Richard moved the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. Big relief. Mom helped clean and go with me to dump our HUGE load of bags at the Salvation Army, then run away really fast.

But we're home now. It's a mess here, too, but it really feels like home and we're happy.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Theron says today, "Thank God for the weekend 'cause I need a break!"
This is what Theron's week is like: One day a week they go to the beach. Two days a week they go to the public pool. Wednesdays they take a field trip; last week it was Knott's Berry Farm. He says he doesn't like going to the beach. Do you know why? Because it's too sandy, that's why.
In the meantime Ashley and I have been taking daily trips to the old house trying to sort and pack and it just looks like a tornado went through. It's so easy at first to put books and cds into boxes and label everything. But now we just stand there not knowing what to do. Just looking around for like items - I don't know. Here's a chicken, a cup of pennies, the library book I convinced the library to take off my account because I swore I remembered returning it. I do remember returning it, and yet here it is in my house. Now I'm going to have to smuggle it back in.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Future

Theron: Sometimes the link to Netflix View Instantly on the desktop doesn't work and I have to go to Internet Explorer.
Me: Oh, dear.
Theron: (shrug) It's just irritating.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where we hang our hats

So, just a quick post, we're now sleeping at the new house. Friday I came home and found out the phone and internet were turned off. I guess I missed the details of the shutoff timeline since Theron was dying in the car while the Ash was making the arrangements. Anyway, Ash and I talked about it for one second. If there's no phone or internet we basically don't have a home so I started throwing stuff in the car and told Theron to put his shoes on. He's all, 'Mommy, I don't have a shirt because you put all my clothes in the car!', but we found one on the floor and we were on the road. AFTER, I had run out barefoot to turn off the sprinkler and got stung by something in the lawn. Ashley was giving Theron a time-out and told me to put a baking powder paste on it. So I hobbled into the kitchen and put on the paste which then fizzed up. It's baking SODA! Sorry! I got some Benadryl and we were on the road. My throat started to itch and close up but we got here and set up for the night.
The cable guy came this morning to set up our tvs and internet. We finally decided to bundle the cable, phone, and internet. Duh, what a deal, why did we resist? We have 200 of the most requested channels for 3 tvs at almost 1/2 of what we used to pay. I'm embarrassed to say that at one point this afternoon ALL THREE OF US were on the internet watching cable tv in different rooms at the same time. The only reason three of us aren't doing it right now is because Ashley went back for one of the beds. I'm so happy this all turned out to be cheaper because we have to economize now and when Ashley said we'd have to give up the cable I agreed, but the new season of Project Runway just started and I don't even know who I like best.
My New Yorker was in the mailbox today. Ahhh...