Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Improvement

This weekend we finally got a bookcase for all Theron's riches of books and videos. There's probably more in boxes that are still unopened, but this will do for now. I also made curtains for his closet. The pattern is nothing special, but I love the fabric. From a distance Ash and I think it has a Northwest Coast look. And up close I love the little animals and the retro look.

Theron loves red and he loves penguins - perfect!

It's so fun to sew in a straight line, it goes so fast - normally. I have a little sewing area in the garage and my Swedish machine doesn't do well in the cold. And this is just California cold. I had to sit it next to a heater and coax it along. I've been re-reading the Little House books and as I hand turned the gears trying to warm it up I thought of poor Ma Ingalls sewing everyone's clothes by hand after a long day of milking cows and making cheese.

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