Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday reflections

This morning we heard a scream from Theron's room. Pause. Then Ash called out Are you okay? Theron yelled back something about a lot of legs. So Ash got up and killed something. When it was dead Theron says, "Oh, and Dad? If that had been a monster and not a bug you need to learn to get in here faster. You're not the Flash."

I haven't had my camera with me. So I missed out on some updated pictures of sweet little kids I haven't seen in ages and a perfect angel 3 months old in Pasadena. But here are a couple artist sketches of things I would have shot.
Man crossing street on Marmion Way with cereal.

Lizard catches moth as big as self. It sounds like a propeller trying to escape.

One reflection I would like to make is how disappointing thrift shops are these days. When I was a teen in the 80's you could find very cool things like wool cardigans, June Cleaver day dresses, slim paisley skirts and slacks that zipped up the side. What one finds now are 80's left overs that I am sorry to say will never come back. Cheap synthetic fabrics. Shoulder pads. Neon. The good stuff is now at places with the word "vintage" in the name and are not for the thrifty. I think it's just sad but it brings me to a question. I tend to use things, and clothes, until they are used up. Is it better to move them on before they are useless to someone else?

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