Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Before living outside of California I would get so annoyed when people claimed to love it here, but they missed the seasons.  At the time, I thought "that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard".  Sitting here in the backyard because the house is too hot I now think the dumbest thing is 90 degrees in November. Fall is supposed to be a time of moody reflection and layers.  Not sweating in bed, wishing for a Chill-o.  
But the pages of the calendar turn anyway and Halloween arrives on schedule.  This year I didn't have to make anything because Theron decided to be Iron Man.  
 We had a little talk with him because he's not a big trick or treater.  He goes two blocks, looks in the bag, says that's enough, and it's back home for him.  Uh - uh, I told him.  You're gonna get out there and get the candy.
"But people think all little kids like chocolate and we don't".
"But I DO"
So we actually went six blocks.  Oli tried to run inside every house with a dog. 
 Sunday afternoon we went to Hollywood to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D which means the movie was in digital 3D and they had special effects in the theater.  There was also a live organ player before the show - very fun.
 The picture below was taken downtown.  I have no idea what this window display is supposed to be about.  There was no sign and the wolverine looks bleached out. 
 This next picture reminds me of my Grandma.
 I interviewed her about the War years for school once and she told me how they would put makeup on their legs and draw a line down the back.  This picture is from a site called Black and WTF featuring strange old photos. 
This is the picture that got me started.  Lots of very strange and/or delightful things.  Some have information but most do not.  Expect to see many pictures of animals in clothes, nudists, and a surprising number of babies with guns.  Some of the pictures link to the National Archives in the Netherlands
Where one could just spend hours getting lost in the beauty. 

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