Monday, June 13, 2011


First, the conference went well, even though my two partners were MIA - Ozge had a baby that Friday and Rebecca was on her honeymoon - the nerve! 

 Some of our new products included leather tool rolls in right and left hand friendly styles.
 I also designed a tool holder that opens into a caddy.  It was duly admired and sold out.

Next was the AIC to AIC (American Institute of Conservation) dishtowel calendar sold on a hanging dowel.
Things were great - sales were strong - can't complain.  Fortunately Molly was available to help me while my partners went about having private lives (Thanks, girls!!!!).  (Just kidding!!)
As life gets back to what passes for normal our unique family dynamic comes back into play.  Example: get assigned to bring a dessert to a going away party.  Desserts on Top Chef are the kiss of death but in the normal world that's the cherry assignment.  I decided to make cupcakes as Americans seem to like cupcakes lately.  I was reminded of a Martha Stewart project where she stuck flower-frosted minicupcakes into a foam sphere.  So pretty.  Then I thought, hey, I have styrofoam.  We have a styrofoam head we used to display safety goggles at the conference.  So I started putting toothpicks in the head to plan. 
This is where it begins.  Ashley sees the insanity and keeps his distance.  He evaluates the cost, because no matter how much he backs off it still affects him - will it be time?  Neglect of the family? multiple trips to the supermarket? Mess?  He waits.
First I made the batter for the "Best Birthday Cake" from Smitten Kitchen.  Poor Ash went to 3 stores looking for mini cupcake papers. 
I also wanted to make jello oranges from Not Martha because I knew there might be kids and the oranges were a big hit at Theron's birthday party 2 years ago.  Anyway this was the beginning of an inspired design

The Hershey's Kisses were the result of insomnia.  I love them. 
Anyway, I thought we still had some food coloring sprays I could use to color the plain, whipped cream topped cupcakes.  Ash said they were gone, I said, okay, I'll use food dye and suddenly Ash said, No - that would be great!  And that's when it happened.  The surrender.  I love this part. It happens every time.  I have dream, it only goes so far, and Ashley takes it to the next level. 
So everything was done but he thought it would be better to do the "painting" at the last minute so about 3 blocks from our destinations we pulled over so that Ash could spray paint the cupcakes on top of a hedge. 

Theron was allowed to spray paint the extras.  Jello head was a big hit.  And delicious.  Thanks Ashley - who could have guessed when I married you that you would be such an awesome partner in crafting?

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