Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Southwestern Family Road Trip

 It's been many years since I've driven across the Southwest.  Earlier this month me and Ash, Theron, Oli, and our friend Vanessa drove to Albuquerque for the annual conservation meeting.  Ozge and I had a booth for IVS and Ashley had a booth for PACCIN.  We rented a mini van and filled it to the brim with display furniture, products, and snacks.  Note to selves, Cheez-Its are delicious but no substitute for real food.  On the way back we GOT OUT OF THE CAR and ate food.  It was fried but it actually made the trip easier.
 Here is Oli taking a load off.  I can tell it's when we first got there because the decorative pillows are still in place. 
 Here's a shot of the IVS booth.  This was the first year we took credit cards at the booth.  It was nice to see repeat customers.  It was also great being able to bring our clothing rack and 2 grid display stands without the worry of shipping. 
 This is Ashley at his booth educating everyone to the amazing resource that is PACCIN.  Next to him is our friend Liz who has launched a non-profit called Indigo Arts Alliance that makes grants to people, not just conservators, to help fund professional development. 
Booth sitting occupied two days but we had help and were able to get away during that time to see talks, and the day after our booths closed there were still sessions going so we were both able to attend presentations we wanted to see.  It was amazing how fast the time went.  We didn't really have a chance to see much around Albuquerque.

On the way back we decided it was better to get out once in a while, not just at the gas station.  We stopped at the dinosaur, Indian, petrified wood trading post. 

 Theron refused to stand with his back to the dinosaurs.  Inside the trading post he got himself a piece of petrified wood and a necklace with a "mood" tipi pendant.

 In spite of all the cheapy tourist souvenirs there was actually a room of the good stuff and a nice selection of kachina dolls by artists I know, having been recently immersed in the subject, are well respected.  Outside there were these interesting pieces of glass and larger chunks of petrified wood.
 We stopped at one place that had interesting sheet metal statues - I don't have a picture, maybe Ashley took one. 
 Here's Oli being a good dog.

And misc, this is a quilted notebook cover I made as a graduate present for a student I helped with her thesis.
 Oops, the back is rotated - oh well.

While driving through Arizona we sang along to the Eagles song about standin' on a corner.  Yay for satellite radio.

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