Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12 more sleeps to Christmas

Well, in spite of vowing to be done Christmas shopping in October here we are still scrambling to finish up. I have packages to mail, so much for a family portrait card, and we still have to clear a space for the tree. Between Friday and Saturday we have 3 holiday events, including Theron's school pagent. Theron has been practicing - he walks around the house singing Feliz Navidad. Theron went to a co-worker's party with me Sunday and accidentally knocked the one year old over onto his face. When I told Theron to go apologize he said, "But he doesn't know how to talk".
One person who will not be overeating this season is Ashley who, while recovering from dental surgery, dislocated his jaw. The surgeon had a look and said to give it two weeks. In the meantime he is very hungry for meat and crunchy things, and just food in general. And in pain.
Theron helped me make sugar cookies. He says he likes helping, just like Spiderman.

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