Saturday, December 02, 2006

Last Days of Vacation

It went so fast, but it was so nice and worth it. One day we went to Avila Beach where they have a fruit stand/petting zoo. All the little goats were happy to see Theron and his corn husks. We all definitely love goats. Ash says if we ever get some he will make the cheese if I will milk them. Sounds like a deal.

Our last vacation dinner was of fresh mussels. I only bought 2 lbs because I didn't think Theron would eat them, but I was wrong. He even sucked up the left over broth.

This first week back was far from normal. All 3 of us went to the doctor, Theron and I for checkups and flu shots, Ash for dental surgery. He had all 4 wisdom teeth out. He's doing great, but then he has the highest tolerance for pain in the family. Theron takes after me. When it was time for Theron to get the shots at the doctor's office Monday he ran all around the exam room in his socks and underwear trying to hide. I finally caught him and he sat in my lap for two shots shouting "Help! Somebody help meeee!!!!" Now we laugh about it. The doctor also took out a huge wad of wax from one of his ears which I though might explain a few things but the doctor said not really.

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