Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This last week has been pretty good all around, except for colds and sore throats (me and Ashley - Theron just keeps going full speed ahead). After a lot of talk about what to do about Theron's first grade year, since he will be done at his current school after kindergarden, Ashley looked into it and paid a visit to our public school only 4 blocks away. It turns out it is a science and math magnet, though the rest of the school has a very strong arts program. They have an artist in residence program, they work closely with LACMA, they teach performing arts, and the woman in the office told us that orchestra is part of the 1st grade curriculum, as well as computer science. Anyway, it was a good thing we checked when we did because the deadline for the magnet lottery is Friday. If he doesn't get in this time we'll just keep trying, but at least we know he'll be in a good place in the meantime. Theron's teacher says he loves science and she thinks this would be perfect for him. Well, just the other day Theron said to me, "Is it true that fire needs air to burn?" and I said yes, and he said, "So...Batman was right".

Saturday we spent 2 LONG hours at Chuck E Cheese. We hope maybe next time he goes Grandpa Flip can take him. Grandpa Flip? Don't eat the pizza, just play the games. I'll say one thing, that kid can not drive. But who knew that if you drive through someone's garage in Malibu all you have to do is flip off the balcony and you're back on the PCH? He's not a bad shot, though.

Tonight my sweet husband went out with a flashlight to find the cabbage that fell out of my grocery bag and rolled under someone's car. He let himself look like a crazy person on his hands and knees trying to find cabbage in the street.

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