Saturday, January 27, 2007

La, la, la...!!! Weekend of delight

Theron spent the weekend with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard. It all started Friday evening at Marie Callendar's in Valencia - our meeting point - where Theron ordered a cheeseburger, but more or less had nothing but a strawberry shake for dinner. Then he was off to Bakersfield for a weekend of video games and some Spiderman research with Grandpa.

Saturday Ash and I drove all the way to Torrance to hit the Japanese dollar store and Penzey's Spices. I am embarrassed to say how much we spent at the dollar store, and I almost couldn't even tell you what we bought - lots of spoons, tea, ummm..., crackers, Hello Kitty soda... I don't know. Penzey's is a great place. We've ordered from the catalog so we already love them, but in person you can smell everything and buy small amounts for amazingly reasonable prices.

On the way home I got another Christmas present from Ashley - a Huskavarna Husky Star with one-step button holer. It is sooo beautiful. I get to go to a class week after next to learn how to use it.

It was nice to have some time alone together but we actually spent a lot of it talking about Theron and how much we missed him.

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