Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh, no, it's June Very tiring week for everyone. Theron had two solid days of attitude adjustment but we think for the time being we are all on the same page. Today, Sunday, was actually very nice. Last weekend I took Theron to the nursery to pick out a new plant for the porch. This weekend he re-potted it.
Theron's been talking lately about being Toby Maguire. He thinks he can grow up to be him and he really wants to meet him. He understands very well how people play different roles on tv and in movies. He correctly identified Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of the tow truck in Cars. Tony Blair was being interviewed on NPR last week and Theron identified him as the Geico Lizard. And he thinks Grandpa Flip looks like Tom Selleck circa Magnum P.I.

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