Monday, June 25, 2007

Countdown to 6

Theron is well aware that his birthday is one month away and he makes his requests at every turn. When I get a minute I will update the sidebar of this page to list what's been purchased and what's been requested. Briefly, we got him the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van, a Spiderman thermos, some Spiderman figurines, - but I need to go check which ones. I think Grandma got a web shooter. He would probably like some Fantastic 4 gear, especially the Silver Surfer. (we finally saw the movie this weekend with ALAN and they had so much fun and were so good except for a small popcorn fight and Theron cried because he lost his sunglasses and Skittles). Oh, and he just asked for a Spiderman 3 toy that comes with the black ooze - which I'm sure will end up under his bed with hair on it.

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