Friday, August 10, 2007

Exhausting week. Started physical therapy for my arm. My therapist's brother is on Desparate Housewives and previously was on Melrose Place (my old favorite). I'm not sure how much therapy will help, but who am I to say. Here's Theron admiring his geranium and showing off his map. As you know, he's crazy about Harry and this is his Marauder's Map. He's made quite a few of them and he insists they get rolled like a scroll, sealed with ye olde blue masking tape.

My current project is preparing for yet another depressing departure of a loved coworker. My intern Rebecca is off to Nebraska at the end of the month and I want to die. In honor of her great work and her upcoming 30th birthday I got her a Blythe on Ebay and Nick and Naomi and I are making her clothes. Rebecca's going to flip. She loves my Blythe and she made her outfits for my birthday. I've been bringing my doll to work so that Nick and Naomi could take measurements and do sketches. Rebecca who knows nothing of what's really going on, loves having Blythe around and sighs, "I wish I had one". This is my first outfit, a reversible day/prom dress, modeled by Rebecca's redhead who actually looks a little like Rebecca herself.

The design on the bodice is just French knots.
Here's a closeup of my doll. Frankly I think the redhead makes the purple dress whereas my Blythe can't quite pull it off.

This is the kind of thing Ashley wishes I could hear myself say. Anyway, here's the dress turned around for daytime. I think it looks cute with the pajama pants she came with.
The stuff Nick is designing is definitely haute couture. When I originally asked him and Naomi to help, Nick looked the doll over, brow furrowed in appraisal, handed her back and said, "We're all over it". Nick tells us funny stories about dressing people like Joan Rivers and Dame Edna, back when he used to work in the industry. He is designing her Blythe little platform boots, too.

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