Thursday, August 02, 2007

Okay, another big catch up post. It's been just over a week, but we've been a little busy, and exhausted and suffering from a couple varieties of barely manageable pain. But it hasn't been all bad. So, here goes...

I took the day off last Wednesday so there would be hope everything would get done. At the last minute Theron decided in addition to cake he wanted jello jigglers, so I spent the morning making 100 star-shaped jigglers (and now we have about 8 lbs of discard jello in 5 colors). Ashley actually got the afternoon off and met me at the school. The kids were just eating lunch and Miss Janet fed us, too.
It was a big hit and I think we're going to just pretend we never heard the word pinata.
After cake we all went home so Theron could open our presents. Then we rested. Then we ran to Santa Clarita to meet Alan and his mommy and daddy and sister, and Aunt Nita and Tara and Ron and their kids Alexis and Krista and of course, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard.

This place, Sky City Bounce House, has huge inflated slides and bouncy things and the kids had a blast. Ash and I think it would be good to go on the weekends to hang out in the air conditioning. We didn't tell Theron Alan was coming just in case his mommy couldn't manage it on a week night, so it was a huge happy surprise. Alan gave him a deluxe red light saber that telescopes open with the touch of a button, prompting the first new rule in his year 6, no opening the light saber in mommy's car.
After Sky City (it closed sooner than we thought it would!) we ran over to McDonalds so that he could dig into Grandma and Grandpa's stash. The best gift - the Spiderman 3 Webshooter with 3 extra cans of web. There are blue stringy things all over the house now - on the bathroom floor, on the bookcases, on the calendar. Thanks, Mom! Grandma says she's going to set up the spare room next time he goes over so that he can web it up to his heart's delight.
Saturday I had to work at the school for their annual Obon fundraiser till 3 then we ran to Santa Maria to see Grandpa Flip and Grandma Rita for MORE PRESENTS AND CAKE!

One of the highlights, two new installments of Captain Underpants. Then... we were off again, to Avila Beach since the school was closed Monday to clean up after Obon. Here's Theron in our cosy room with a full kitchen.

Anyway, I don't know what else to say - we had a fabulous time. Theron made a little friend named Jack, from Fresno. Daddy and I messed up on our sunscreen application - Theron was fine but Ash and I look like goofs. It looks like I have on red knee pads. And here's our big boy and his new discovery - Mad Magazine. It's my fault. I was looking at it in the store. The page was open to a Mad Look at Spiderman 3. I closed it as fast as a could but Theron said, "I saw that!". So here he is reading about Harry Plodder. Can you blame him? It's all about Harry. Theron tells me he loves school - he pretends it's Hogwarts, the kindergarden room is the Griffindor table, and he is always Harry.

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