Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Theron told us today that the class is working on a letter to Santa in Computer Lab. Basically they are learning how to write a letter - "Dear Santa COMMA I have been good" then they are to explain HOW they have been good. Anyway, the content is mostly true, Theron has been rather good lately. Not perfect, but pretty darn good. He does tend to have bursts of amped up frustration he needs to learn to control. I told him to pick up his clothes yesterday, several times. I pointed at the socks his x-ray vision missed - WHERE? he shouts. THERE! I point. Theron goes right up to them , does kind of a double take and with one raised eyebrow shouts, "WHAT THE HELL?!?" I had to leave the room.
Poor Ash started his travels to New Orleans today around noon, and tonight he called us from Charlotte, North Carolina where his late flight from LA left him stranded. He doesn't know where his suitcase is spending the night. The airline gave him a little stick with a couple of bristles on it and a ketchup-sized package of toothpaste. Travel is just so dreadful anyway. Why is one hour on an airplane soooo bloody endless? Then put five of them together. We looked at the map. Why did they send him to North Carolina to go to Louisiana? Well, so it's just me and the boy till the weekend, and I have had a sore throat since Monday. It's not bad enough to stay home for, but bad enough to make me cranky all day. The good news is I can pretend when I sing that I sound like Patti Smith.

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