Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting To Know You

Tell me if this would annoy you?

You to a seven year old: Behave or else.
Seven year old: Or else what?

This is the the type of conversation Theron had with the principal, the first day of school, following similar exchanges with his teacher. Theron does these kind of things because he can't tell when he's making people angry and also because he really just wants to know. He does it to us all the time and we tell him it's none of his business, but he just can't stop talking. Almost never does Theron mean to be disrespectful, but I can see where people would be mad. Let's say the exchange was like this:

You: Please take this charge off my account.
Seemingly disinterested credit card company employee: Or else what?

You wouldn't say, Hmm, she must be a very curious person.

I was home sick when all this happened and tried to ignore the phone. After about 9 calls I finally picked up and Ashley asked if the school had called. When I finally went back to work today I had messages there, too, and I thought they all sounded so equally worked up that I couldn't really tell which one had come first. I give up much easier. Not Ashley, though. Pity the cable company service rep who thinks they can get rid of Ash by putting him on hold for one hour. Oh, no, my friend.

Even knowing Theron we still get upset at the constant questions. During the worst days of the move no one in the Birdyhead family had any sense of humor left. Ashley, by himself, was loading and strapping large items to the top of his car at least twice a day, after work. One day Theron saw him doing this and must have thought, Hey, Daddy, how do you do that to make sure nothing falls off? Instead he says, "Isn't that stuff gonna fall off?" When they talked about it later it turned out Theron didn't realize everything gets tied down. He just assessed the situation and thought he should say something.

Labor Day Weekend - I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat and I didn't get out of bed to go to work again until today. Anyone who has trouble sleeping should get this cold because the main symptom after the sore throat, congestion, sneezing, ear ache, is extreme fatigue. Sleep was soooo delicious. There was a lot of sweating, though, I hate that. The funny thing is, my throat is still froggy, but I went to work and felt way more rested than I have since our move started. Not only did I feel rested, but when I wrote to my friend Mike this morning, instead of signing off as I usually do lately, with "Everyone is driving me crazy today", I couldn't because it wasn't even true as a joke. So, I think I got over a case of the Grumps, too.

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