Sunday, September 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

today at the farmer's market in Montrose

Theron's team, the Golden Dragons, are doing great. Unfortunately Theron thinks because defense is "his thing" he hesitates to follow the ball down the field to the goal. Overall we really like the team because all the kids seem to get along so well.

This is a picture of lunch a week ago in Chinatown.
from left: Lalena, Kianga, Kerry, Vanessa, Me, Peg
I'm showing the picture because it was legendary. The food was DELICIOUS. We go to lunch as a group every week for Fun Friday and this was one for the books. For instance, everyone LOVED the eggplant and the majority of us say we usually hate eggplant.
Scott took the picture with his new IPhone. Kianga's making a face because her Blackberry could do that too. Scott showed gentlemanly restraint in not engaging in the Blackberry/Iphone debate but Kianga doesn't let up on him so easily.

Anyway the food was better than I bet it is at this place.

Speaking of food, this culprit (culprits?) found an old KFC chicken pot pie, ate it in the backyard, and left muddy footprints all over an air mattress.

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