Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nebraska Getaway

Window display at a lawyer's office, Omaha
I usually say things like, "I can't believe it's (fill in the month) already!" because it always seems like I'm 8 weeks behind, but right now I can't believe it's still January. Enough already! This month I have been to 4 states, not counting airports, took on a new intern, worked on a business mission statement with Ozge and Rebecca, joined a gym (and went!), Ashley went to San Diego for a consultation, Obama became president, Theron got suspended for getting in a fight over freeze dancing, and I took a 5.5% pay cut. It just seems like shouldn't it be February now?

Last weekend, as I mentioned, I went to visit Rebecca in Omaha. I couldn't believe I actually found 4 pairs of matching socks and my good coat and gloves, so I was ready for snow. When I got there it just looked brown all over, but we headed toward Lincoln to visit the lab and drove into a storm. I was so delighted I didn't really notice that Rebecca was becoming more and more silent, and finally we abandoned that idea and turned around to go back to Omaha. We stopped at a super fun truckstop for snacks and browsing. I bought a really cute jackalope magnet that I can't find now. You can also buy sheets there for your truck cab and take a shower. And buy hunting supplies and romantic stimulants.

More from the lawyer's office. I don't know what kind of lawyer.


In the conservation lab at the Ford Center

Rebecca is my muse and she helped me flesh out some ideas for our infant business. She showed me what she's working on - so inspiring!

We ate delicious healthy food at the vegetarian restaurant a block away from her apartment. I ate a portabello mushroom lovingly massaged with garlic butter. We ate there Sunday, too, and I decided to order something that had been given accupuncture. Saturday night I had an Omaha steak and oh, boy, they're not famous for nothing.

Doorbell intercom in Rebecca's apartment

Stamp on the back of Rebecca's toilet

Sunday the city was covered with a powdery white blanket. We drove to Iowa (!) to visit the little museum at the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge. The museum houses the recovered goods from the Steamboat Bertrand that sank in the Missouri River in 1865.

Matches tipped with such potent sulphur they lit a man's pants on fire, and spontaneously ignited in the conservation lab

Frozen lake at the DeSoto Refuge

Whose tracks are these?

Rebecca is the perfect hostess - we had a grand time. I'm so grateful for the good friends that I have.

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