Friday, January 30, 2009

We're Committed Now

Valentines for Conservators These aren't going to make sense to many people, but these are a teaser for our little business venture, creating beautiful and useful products for conservators. It'll be a little bit before Ozge and her sister are ready for us to have our website up, so I made these Valentines for people to print out and give to their friends. I don't know if clicking on it will give the full size page. If it does, and you see these and they make sense to you, please print them and use them and send them to your friends. The captions read: "Valentine, We Oddy Be Friends Forever", "Valentine, You could never brush and vacuum away my love for you", "Valentine, I approve this treatment", "Our love can never be disassembled", "To My Valentine, Label Me Yours".
Most people will be confused, but I can tell you that the fellow conservators I sent these to, love them.
I'm in a panic, but everything's good.

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