Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bugs Are Back In Town

There is a moth in my kitchen so big I thought it was a bird. Congratulate me for not screaming as it flapped around especially because my first thought when I see great big moths is of Silence of the Lambs. Now it's just sitting on the light and I'm waiting for Ashley to come home and deal with it. Since it's not flying around now I'm just afraid it will poop on my head.

Oh, and the ants are back too! At least this batch has the sense to run for their lives when the killings begin. That's a quality I really like in a bug. It's their only hope for mercy. I killed some and then I started an experiment called Nothing To See in which I let them run around a clean, dry counter then go home and tell their little buddies we suck. I don't know if I've ever tried this before or if it worked, and they were probably born yesterday so they don't know either. Anyway, Ashley didn't know about the experiment and he put out poison, putting both the ants and me out of our misery.

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