Sunday, April 05, 2009

Odds and Ends

It's funny when crafting takes you out of your comfort zone and into a gun shop. I'm trying to make some leather steel shot weights so I've been doing a lot of web searches for local gun shops and reloading supplies while telling everyone I know that I'm trying to make weights in case my computer is confiscated and my web searches become evidence. Ash went with me to the one store I've actually stepped foot into but they didn't have what we wanted and that's when Ashley taught me the term "reloading" which I have never in my life needed to know.

This last week was really nice at work. Ozge and I had a researcher here from England - she's actually from Chicago. She's a textile conservator looking at ways to replace loss by digitally printing on fabrics. While Ozge and I both do some textile conservation there's so much we don't know so it was great to see pictures of other labs and tools and techniques. Also our visitor was very cute and funny, so much so that I forgot I'm over 40 now and not one of the kids.

Anyway... last night Ash and I went to see our friend Michael's play, The Projectionist, at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City. So funny, great cast, superb acting. The whole thing takes place in the lobby of a movie theater and it was hard to believe he wrote the play before ever seeing the venue. The chairs were set up in the lobby and the front wall is all glass doors so you could see the ticket booth outside, which was miked, and part of the action. It was funny too to see people walking by outside looking in.

Michael - photo from the Los Angeles Times review

TV: killing time yesterday Ash and I watched a show called something like When Animals Go Bad. Horrifying. I didn't see the whole thing but I did see some guy get his thumb bit off when he tried to feed a moray eel a hotdog, and another guy who had an octopus stuck to his face. What was most amazing to me was that neither guy expressed any anger at the cameramen for not helping. Instead, the eel guy was just happy that the doctors were able to replace his thumb with one of his big toes and vowed never to feed hotdogs to eels again, which seems like a good enough motto to me.

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