Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Theron!

First, let's back up a week. We were SO EXCITED to go see the new Harry Potter. I couldn't believe, though, that we couldn't go see it in IMAX last weekend, all they had was ONE theater showing it in IMAX 3d which I was not interested in. But we still wanted to do something fun so we took advantage of living in LA and went to Graumann's Chinese Theater.
I'm sure there are better theaters, but none other with this out front.
Skip to this weekend. Theron decided he wanted to have a party at home this year. At first he asked for a disco ball and a dance floor. He conceded that a dance floor might be too expensive. Anyway, we went with water balloons and a bounce house. Below are a few of the specially selected friends.
Ashley got up at 5 a.m. and started working. He went to the hardware store, bought supplies, and built the pinata gallows in only one hour.
Theron and I just adored the pinata and agreed it was a shame to break it. My friend Jorge advised being careful not to overfill because the hook can come out. I filled it to the armpits but it was on the edge of too heavy. But what to take out?

Here they are scrambling for goodies.

There's more to add, but really, those are the basics. The kids were very cute and the parents very nice. We weren't any where near ready when people started to arrive but everyone pitched in to keep the kids supplied in water balloons, and Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard were put to work in every which way.
And now - we need a vacation.

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