Sunday, August 02, 2009

You say ci-CAY-da, I say ci-CAH-da

Vacation in Oklahoma at Lake Tenkiller. You forget, living near the Pacific Ocean, that there are actually warm bodies of water, not pools, where you can swim and swim without worry of sharks or jellyfish. Wild places but friendly places.

Places where a little boy can learn about skipping stones, roasting marshmallows, decide un-roasted marshmallows are more his type, use a slingshot, fish but NOT KILL THE FISH, and learn to exist with dirty, wet, or dirty and wet feet for days on end.

A place where cousins can somehow make playing video games a participatory activity with lots of shouting and laughing.

A place where you can find baby birds sitting on the ground. Where there is spotted: deer, brown bunnies with white cotton tails, cardinals, great blue heron, a water snake, a red fox, scissor-tailed fly catchers, little fish that like to nibble moles and nipples, and one squashed armadillo.

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