Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And baby makes four

Introducing our newest family member, Oliver. Oliver is part Lab, part Australian Cattle Dog, and all fun. He has webbed toes and loves the water. He loves to give kisses. Loves to get on the bed.

Actually I could say Ollie makes five because we also ended up with a red betta fish that the neighbors gave Theron. His name is Fred the Ferocious Fish. Fred loves food, blowing bubbles, and sleeping on the bottom of the tank.

Okay, so the other excitement, not in a good way, is of the fires that have been oh so close. We have been able to see the flames from our house and driving up Hwy 2 to go home has been like entering the shadow of a volcano.
I learned a new word: pyrocumulus.

Ashley has better pictures, but this is two blocks up. You can see the flames in the nearby foothills. The sky glows orange, ash covers everything (I think it looks like burnt tortilla that has flaked off onto the stove), and we smell like we've been camping.

School was supposed to start Monday - now they tell us Thursday. I'm not sure if Theron was sad about it. His actual words were, "Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah" accompanied by a hula hoop hip swivel.

Other news: I'm almost done hand quilting Lalena's wedding blanket. More pictures of that soon, I'm hoping to have the binding on in the next few days. I got to go shopping with Kate this weekend to pick out baby quilt fabrics for a colleague of hers. It's the first time I've ever gone down to the fabric district and not spent a penny. And yet, it was highly satisfying.

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