Sunday, August 23, 2009

Service With a Smile

Wow, I'm really behind on posting. Part of it is that I can't get the pictures off my camera right now. Always one thing is missing for this to happen, always a different thing. I thought I would post a recent interaction between a restaurant owner (Theron) and patron (Daddy) - I was reminded of it because the restaurant popped up in the living room again tonight. I think it's some kind of scam. What would you think of a place that charges $2 for a banana and keeps all its money in a ziplock bag?
Here's what happened: Ashley ordered food from the "restaurant' (yeah, right!) and after eating he burped and did not excuse himself. In a later interview Theron told me he runs a polite restaurant and he demands manners. So he created this document.
Name. What happened: with three check boxes - Didn't Excuse, Ran, Stole Food. He checked the first one.
He gave it to Ashley who wrote his name and then wrote on the side, "I am sorry. I don't mean it."
So Theron persisted. He handed it back with his own note, "Say Sorry" with an arrow pointing at a line for Ash to write his apology.
So Ash writes, "I am not sorry! Really!!!!"
Theron hands it back.
Ashley writes, "I am sorry I came here to eat".
One last time, Theron hands it back and Ash writes, "I am kind of sorry - a little tiny bit. not much".
At this point Theron either accepted this or gave up because there was no where left to write on the form.
Oh, and as I look up the restaurant is GONE off to who knows where. And I gave him my credit card for a piece of ham and a root beer.

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