Monday, October 19, 2009

Projects and Pets

Today we gave Lalena the quilt. I don't know why it took me so long, but it did. She was very happy. Terri's square, 4th one on the top row, is upside down, I think. Sorry, Terri, I looked at it every which way and I thought I had it figured out and I still did this.
Here's a shot where you can see the backing which Lalena says matches her bedroom perfectly.

Ozge and I also gave Sophie this tool roll-up as a birthday gift. I used my left over museum print fabric because she also works at Natural History.

Now meet the pets:

This is Fred the Ferocious Fish. I'm actually pretty fond of this little guy. If we're in the room he hangs out in the front of the tank. He also likes to hang out in front of the filter outlet and let the current blow through his beautiful fins. Sometimes he comes up and mouths things, like "OOO" or he flares his gills. He is interested in the frog.

This is George, the African dwarf frog. I'm not sure what to think of this guy. I recently put a new bulb in that should be better for the plants, but we noticed that we see the frog more too. Ordinarily he would hang out in the back of the tank, as hidden as could be. He sometimes squeezes himself into tight spots and bends one or both back legs so that all the joints are the exact opposite way. The first time I saw it I thought he was dead. Now I think he just does it to mess with me. But anyway, he's more active lately so we'll see. Hey, George, here's a dime. Go get yourself a personality.

Which brings us to Ollie. Mr. Personality. He needs it to be Theron's dog.

All of these would make nice framed portraits in the living room if only Theron would wear clothes. It's probably a job for Photoshop.

Eventually Ollie said No More Pictures!

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