Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy Weekend

Alan turned 8 and the boys celebrated by choking and ridiculing each otherBatman gave orders to Batdog

Then he went out collecting treats. He wanted Batdad to make it so that he could hang from people's roofs by his grappling hook then lower himself down when they answered the door. Batdad said maybe next year.

Sunday Theron and I went to a Japanese wood carving class. There were no injuries. Theron made a corn cob blank and I made a cigar.

We ate DELICIOUS pizza. I couldn't believe we found salad pizza in California! Of course they don't use avocado in NY - it was a scrumptious addition.

Ollie outgrew his baby collar and moved up to a medium. The fish tank moved to the living room so we can all enjoy!

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