Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Plastic bag holders/dispensers for the school Hollydaze boutique.
Interesting ladies from the Southwest

The year winds down and we feel pretty lucky. Theron's doing much better at school and we have a sweetie pup. Theron was concerned he might be on the naughty list because he's had kind of a hard year. So Santa wrote him a letter telling him he knew he was trying, so that wouldn't be the case. He was really touched and asked how Santa could know he was worried about that. Theron had been trying to compose a letter explaining how he is different, and that he has problems, but he was trying. So that Santa understood this without even being told meant a lot to him.
Theron asked me if I'd ever had a letter from Santa. I told him that sometimes Santa would leave a letter thanking us for the cookies we left out. Theron thought about this. Then he said, "Compared to my letter, your letter is poop".

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