Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Last Two Weeks

Oops, it's been awhile. We've been buuuuussssyyyyy. Look and we've been cold, too, that's ice in the birdbath. Wasn't it 90 degrees last week? Thanksgiving we went to Santa Maria with Oli in tow to meet family. He and Theron napped on the way.
Oli also met Mia. Mia, who is 19 now, had spent 2 days in front of the oven waiting for turkey and she wasn't going to let any whippersnapper dog elbow in on her meat. Oli got his face smacked quite a few times.

Here's Oli saying that's okay, it was worth it! He had a good time being spoiled. The only part of the visit he didn't like was riding the elevator at the hotel.

This is the Phoebe of the Porch Light. The phoebe has come for the second year in a row to hang out on the light.
Then it was back to work. Here are a couple things I came across:
taxidermy quail head
And a silk sample
Unfortunately it was folded up and the dyes bled.

But it's still pretty amazing.

Look at the gossamer threads making feathers and veins in the lily pads.

I also worked on crafts for Theron's school's holiday bazaar. I made a bunch of animal iron-ons

I think they're all cute, myself, but I'm kinda partial to the chickens

I also repeated last years contribution by making more pocket tissue holders

And that's not all... Ashley wished the sewing machine had a muffler.

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