Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year

Birdyhead has been on hiatus because of holiday fatigue and then Ash was out of town all of last week. That meant that Theron and I were in survival mode and nothing happened that didn't absolutely have to happen.
One night I decided to go ahead and have a couple glasses of wine. It lowered my resistance and I ended up on a PTA committee.
"Okay, as long as my husband doesn't find out".
"You're telling me", she said.

I also agreed to be on a professional committee, since I was on a roll. I think I learned to say YES from our head of publicity who asks me to do stuff once in a while. The first time she did I said no, no, no, no, no. By the time it was over not only did I say Yes, but I was thanking her for the opportunity. She's good. Actually, she asked me to do something this last week, too, and I said YES, because it's just faster that way and life's too short to avoid people who know where to find you anyway.

Theron and the dog and the fish all had regular meals. Theron had to set me straight on a few things. Like, yes, he did want a cheese sandwich but he wanted the bread to be WHITE. WHITE as a PIECE OF PAPER. We're worried about him eating enough, so, oh, all right. Oli certainly didn't get enough walks though because if it gets too close to dusk Theron won't go out because of the vampires.

The day Ashley came home I broke the gate and the slide-out shelf under the sink. The next morning I ruined his coffee by shorting out the circuit trying to use the microwave at the same time. So he has about a week worth of disasters to catch up with and boy is he happy to be home!

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