Friday, January 22, 2010

It Never Rains in California, but Girl, Don't they Warn You? It Pours, Man, It Pours

This is our hood! Snow!! It has been raining mercilessly all week to the point that hundreds of homes up the hill from us were evacuated for fear of mudslides from the recent burn areas. Ash has been away this week so I had shorter days to pick up Theron and I have to admit, it has been nice.

Some rainy day pleasures - knitting
Just as my desire to knit something had ripened I got a package of wool in the mail from Iceland. I forgot I ordered it!!

Sourdough flat bread that Ceci and her mom made for everyone at work. It looks like it was cooked on a stone in a rustic Mediterranean village. I toasted mine with blue cheese.

Streaming videos on Netflix. I watched two seasons of Weeds and started a scary British crime drama called Wire in the Blood. EEEeeeeiiiiii - then I try to sleep at night while the wind and rain whip at the windows.

Thursday school was CANCELLED. I couldn't BELIEVE it. Theron was beside himself. But we made the best of it. I decided to be nice and took him to see the Chipmunks - The Squeakual. I've been trying to avoid this. We talked Mike into taking him but then he got busy. One day our friend Carmel asked how her little friend was doing cause she missed him and I told her she could take him to the Squeakual if she wanted and we would give her money. She immediately said yes.
"Really?" I said "Do you want to think about it?"
Carmel: "Oh. Let me sober up and we'll talk about it again".

So anyway, I took him and as much as I like to keep things nice I have to say that was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I wasn't expecting a tight story line, but it was like one of those chain stories where someone starts and people keep adding to it. And it was just stupid and confounding.

It begins with the Chipmunks in concert in Paris. They are a worldwide sensation. We know this because the concert is being watched on a flat screen television by Eskimos, - in their igloo. Complete with a blue-eyed husky.

Then they come back to the States and are required to go to school for the first time(the Chipmunks, not the Eskimos). They are enrolled in high school, mid year. Really? How old are these Chipmunks supposed to be?

There were jokes clearly aimed at adults. For instance, Alvin is playing football and tells an opposing team member that he's going to grind him up like an acorn and enjoy him "with some fava beans and a nice Chianti", and he does the thing with his lips. I thought,that's funny IS THIS OVER YET?

I guess there were lessons to be learned, such as fat chipmunks will naturally fall in love with other fat chipmunks, geek chipmunks with other geeks, and the beautiful with the handsome. But maybe that's true.

It wasn't all bad because come on, what's cuter than chipmunks in dresses singing "if you like it than you should'a put a ring on it"? I just think the movie would have been ever so much more successful (and enjoyable for a GROWN UP) if it had been a live concert movie thingy. In 3-D.

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