Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't Hit Snooze

I had a great idea this morning for the Dog Fart Alarm Clock.  Guess how I got that idea?  It's brilliant because you don't just wake up, you are forced to go through a series of complex emotions and thought processes.
The alarm goes off.  You are in the middle of a dream about buying fabric.  But wait - is the fabric made of poop?  Someone tells you it can be mail ordered from Canada. 
Confusion - was that the dog or the spouse?  The spouse isn't sick and doesn't eat cat turds, so it must be the dog. 
Indecision - leave the perfect cozy position hours of sleep have molded out of pillows and blankets, or stay and hope for the best.
Incredulity - Spouse does not smell this too???
Hope - maybe spouse or child will let dog out. 
Resignation - There is only one real solution. 

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