Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year!

I'm finally back - it's been a little busy around here.  But the new year means new habits WE HOPE. 

 In the new year we vow to try to give both puppies the exercise and play they need and deserve.

In the new year I will try to eat fewer of these kind of things.
 These are cake pops I made for Theron's classroom Christmas party.  After looking at about 100 posts about cake pops, starting with the famous Bakerella tutorial, I was ready to go.  First you bake a cake - I used a mix.  : /
When it cools you crumb it and then mash it up with something that will make it stick together.  I used sweetened condensed milk but you can also use frosting, or jam, or crushed berries.  Roll into balls, insert a stick, cool in the fridge or freezer.  When cool, dip in candy shell.  I used the Wilton melts available at Michaels.  Theron and Ash ate all the rejects and declared them a success. 

In the new year I will try to say Yes less often.  I'll probably continue to do the Holiday craft sale for the school but maybe I will start in the summer this time instead of November.   
 Some pocket tissue holders, my usual contribution.

In the new year and ever after I will no longer volunteer to do the soccer banner even though I really really love to do it. 
Theron's team, the Blue Ninjas, were UNDEFEATED the entire season.  Then in the playoffs, where EVERY TEAM competes, they lost the first game in penalty kicks.  Oh, it was heartbreaking.  There were tears.  There were questionable calls. Parents tried very hard not to say anything inappropriate.  Theron took it very well, though.  He said something about your destiny catching up with you sooner or later and let's get cheeseburgers. 
The end of season party was in December.  Ashley asked me, wasn't I going to do something with the banner?  Yes, I was. 
 I cut all their soccer balls off and made banners with a sleeve for a dowel.  Maybe Ash is a little bit of an enabler.  Anyway, I bought dowels to cut up but I had taken them away from Theron when he started using them as swords and couldn't find them all in the morning.  So, that's that. 
 Here's Theron working on his screenplay at Jamba Juice.  So far, a sprawling 26 page Spiderman extravaganza.
 Inherent Vice Squad gave these cotton lawn "Wash Your Paws" hankies to our 2010 customers.  We had them printed at and love them SO much.
This is a dishtowel I made out of a Blue Bird flour sack. 

Anyway, I don't know what else.  Just happy 2011! 

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