Saturday, November 11, 2006

Batman's Birthday

Batman and Spiderman were together again Saturday for Batman's birthday.

There was an inflatable jumping room (I don't know what they're called) and a couple of older boys that were really great villians to our tiny superheros.

And this is the picture Theron took of his friend, who subsequently got in trouble for making the mud you see featured in the photo. Behind him you can see the water bottle he used to help him dig up the garden. Needless to say this little friend is Theron's usual partner in crime at school.

Theron's favorite part of the day was attacking the older boys in the jumpy thing. My favorite part of the day was that Theron was not the worst behaved child at the party.

Theron's been reading on his own A LOT. Before school, if he gets dressed in time, he gets to watch a little tv. Last week I actually found him on his bed reading. Out of our 3 bedtime books he now reads one all by himself.

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