Saturday, November 04, 2006


We are so tired this week and we have more or less decided that answering the phone in the evenings is pointless until next Wednesday. We're already starting to lose it with these poor people making $6 an hour. Ashley is right now going through the propositions and trying to make decisions. We both took the quiz on NPR to help you decide who to vote for for Govenor and we both had Angelides #1 tied with the Peace and Freedom candidate, Arnold last. Which is good because I was afraid I might actually agree with that guy.

Anyway, we are returning to normal after the build up to Halloween. The decorations come down tomorrow and I'm sure that will be a relief to the mailman because the box is pretty well webbed up and even I have trouble getting the mail out. Theron is taking it well. He's a well trained consumer and has started to make his Christmas requests.

Recently Ashley introduced Theron to the joy of having his hair washed in the shower. Usually I do it during his bath and we have this complicated routine where he holds a washcloth over his face while I dump huge cups of water over his backward leaning head. We agree before hand how many rinses we will do that day. Anyway, Ashley had such great success last week with the shower that we tried it again with less stellar results. The good news is that he asked to try it again this weekend, so we are moving in the right direction.

Last week we finished Trumpet of the Swan and now we are reading A Cricket in Times Square. Currently Theron gets 3 books before bed and he's been wanting to read along with the easier ones. He's actually a very good reader, but we take turns reading to keep the pace up. Tonight he gave me his Superman coloring book with no words in it and asked me to read it as a story. So I tried to make it sound like his other coloring books, and then after he had saved Lois Lane twice for no apparent reason I told him how Superman had to put his suit in the washing machine because the neck was all dirty and then it shrunk so he had to be Clark Kent for awhile. Next was a picture of Jimmy Olsen with his arm around Clark and I said, "And Jimmy said, Gee, Superman, your hair smells really good, you must have done 5 rinses in the bathtub" and Theron cracked up so hard no sound was coming out and we had to take a little break. He has the most infectious laugh and he has the best sense of humor. Then he went tucked in all his many stuffed animals- he calls them his friends, or kids - and they all went to sleep, excited that tomorrow is the weekend.

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