Friday, November 17, 2006


I don't have any pictures to put up today, but surely tomorrow. We're housesitting for family friends who have a house overlooking the ocean. They also have 3 little boys with a cool room and toys and so many shared interests with Theron. He has found himself in a a sort of parallel universe - the same and different superhero toys. An identical Spiderman costume and mask only he says this Spiderman costume itches under the arms. All his life Theron has either been in the same room with us or right next to us. Here he is in the boy's room, up and down a small flight of stairs and around the corner from us. We did a practice run the first night to make sure he knew where to come look for us. It went fine but we both agree we like him a little closer.

We're trying to make ourselves relax. Today was mostly spent getting situated. Doing a little shopping. One of the goldfish died (actually we think he was killed) (we didn't do it). Okay, I should explain, - the other fish were nibbling his fins and when we found him he was vertical. He wasn't actually dead yet, so I guess we did kill him. I'm sorry, Joan, we didn't find him until it was too late.

Okay, time to relax!

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