Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Theron was very excited because today was a special day. The kindergarten class had a little party and the menu was decided democratically. Theron was thrilled that two of his suggestions - pizza and fruit punch - were voted in. He has been reminding me for two weeks to buy pizza cheese. Daddy and I made heart shaped sugar cookies using the set of cutters I bought during our Japanese dollar store bonanza. While it would have been fun to have Theron help it was a week night and it was just faster and more sanitary for us to do it. He was actually good all day and when I came to pick him up it there was a different child in the time out chair - whew. Theron gets that it is a day about love. He is making sure that I get the chocolate and he told me he loves me as big as space. I gave Ashley some blank cd-rw's, Ash gave me some Hello Kitty candy and a bottle of wine.

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