Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last night I had magaritas with my friend, Mike, like a real human being. We ate some good appetizers and discussed how we both love Natasha on America's Next Top Model. I can't believe I didn't take our picture but I did snap this picture of a mural during my 40 minute-should have been 10 minute - ride home. The one chicken says "I'm hungry" and the other one one says, "Let's get falafel".
Mike and Erik will be celebrating their 20th anniversary next month! Mike and I (and Joan and Beth) will be celebrating a 40th birthday soon and we talked about that. Actually, a lot of people have been asking me about it and what plans I have. Well, I don't really. It seems like it should be big, but I don't know. When I do think about it I do my face exercises, which means these days I do them everyday. Probably I've been ready for this for a while. I have a bathing suit with a little skirt and everytime I'm in the drugstore I examine the home dermabrasion kits.

This is my contribution for our friend April's baby quilt. Everyone gets a little pack of the fabrics and creates something. There was no theme and I've been wanting to do something 3-D. I wanted the bud to fold up and down for something fun to do.
Ashley went to the doctor finally for his ear infection and found it was worse than he thought - the infection is so advanced he has possibly been sick for a very long time and between that and his wisdom teeth there may be some explanation for why he's been so down for so long. The doctor gave him a potent antibiotic that is guaranteed to kill everything from the neck up.

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