Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vacation, all we ever wanted...

We are comfortably settled down at the vacation house, otherwise known as Joan and John's home. This vacation was of course planned for the week after my allergy testing that showed I have a 50% chance of being allergic to the following items: eggs, pork, fish, shellfish. To confirm this I am to elimate all four things for 2 weeks and then begin adding them back in and watching for reaction. This will take place next week. Tonight we ate the biggest crab legs we ever imagined possible and we will definitely be eating mussels and the most delicious clam chowder anywhere.
In spite of the biting wind, Theron insisted on getting in the ocean. He's shown here in his new wetsuit. He was doing fine and then he suddenly took a tumble. Ashley rushed in to save him. Theron was fine, he just had sand all over him and in his mouth. Ashley's shoes were soaked, he lost a sock, and his cell phone might be dead. Oh, well. Those things can be fixed.

We feel very good and happy. We're just sad we couldn't coordinate to visit with Joan and her family on either side of our trips.

Last weekend, decorating Easter eggs.

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