Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back from Chicago

Ash is staying one extra day. We had a great time - saw a lot of old friends, got some good information, but we really missed the boy. Our hotel room was conveniently located to many things - 2 blocks away from the Art Institute, but other conveniences, not so much. We had to stand in the closet to get a cell phone signal (it was $1.25 just to pick up the phone, even for a collect call), and we were never able to get internet service. The hotel said they offered it for $7.50 a day, but only from the lobby. It was nice to be in a city, but we didn't feel like we loved it terribly. Anyway, above is me at the Field Museum. Terri and I spent an afternoon walking our legs off. The next day Ash and I got a behind the scenes tour of the conservation labs at the Art Institute by a friend of my boss's.
Theron and I got back from Bakersfield this afternoon and had Mike and Erik over for pizza. We miss Daddy. Get home safe.

Spiderman battles his foe, America's Next Top Mature Male Model.

All the Spideys are sad Natasha didn't win Model.

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