Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Saturday our friend Terri invited us over for dinner. Theron had fun playing with the dogs and he made Terri write down their names on a Post-it so that he could remember: Black - Korr, Brown - Bea. Here is Theron squeezing oranges that he and Terri chose from her tree - they are so extra juicy and sweet.
Saturday we got to visit with Kate and Pete and Liam and all the neighborhood kids came to play. Theron was amazed that Liam can talk now. Dragging him away was no picnic. He insisted on a drink before leaving and then all the kids wanted a drink so Kate, who is used to this, poured cups of milk and water for everyone. She also had out a beautiful plate of fruit and all those happy little faces had berry stains and milk moustaches. Theron griped all the way home about having to leave and declared that he would cry in his room when we got home.

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