Sunday, May 06, 2007

Most weekends we would be lounging around the house at 9 am looking for food, but yesterday we were at the Grove for the first showing of the day of Spiderman 3. Luckily we went early and got good seats because the theater was pretty much full for the 9:30 a.m. show. We were not disappointed. The critics can say what they will - we thought it was super fun and worth the wait! Theron thought the funniest part of the movie was when you see Spiderman's feet as he dumps out his boots after fighting Sandman. And because we're suckers, the next stop was Target to get Black Spiderman clothing. Theron's friend at school was wearing a t-shirt and pants Friday that he told him were purchased at Target and he even gave him directions, "you go in the store, turn right, and go to aisle 6". I could not find these clothes. However, we did find him a new suit (is this the 3rd one now?) that is reversible - normal Spiderman and black Spiderman. While an inside-out sock brings the morning goals of getting out of the house on time to a screeching halt, he had that suit entirely turned around to black and under his street clothes in record time. He tried to go out of the house like this today and I had to send him back in because it was going to be 80 degrees.

We all went to Griffith Park today to meet his friend Alan for pony and train rides. They had a blast and I kind of couldn't believe it because Theron doesn't even like to sit in those machines outside of groceries stores shaped like rockets, etc., if they're moving. Their favorite part of the whole event was when the horses they were on peed.

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