Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aaaggghhh!!! Need more time!

Cake - check
Now he's asking for jello, too!
Harry Potter costume - not meant to be
Oven - no, but Miss Leslie says rice crispy treats are fine. 5 trays of them
Present wrapping - will commence shortly
Capes - need to be tidied up
Thursday - scheduled for 2 interns who need 100% of my time and another who needs to be talked off a ledge. Fortunately it is a good excuse to miss two whole meetings where I'm really not needed anyway.

Tonight Theron asked Ashley if he could have ice cream, and Ash said, "Well, I think since you stuck your tongue out at your teacher today you won't be having ice cream" and Theron said something like, "You said you 'think', that means you have doubt about it". I think, something like that. Also he and Ash were having a silly conversation this week and Theron says, "Do you want me to wear a DRESS??!! Because it would be my pleasure!" Ash can't remember where that came from.

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