Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lucky us, we got free tickets from my work for the Hollywood Bowl to see a tribute to John Wayne and Gene, along with a fireworks spectacular. We packed a nice little dinner: fried chicken, cheese and crackers, angel food cake and strawberries, a bottle of Prosecco and a thermos of beer. It was a beautiful night. It was easy getting there using the shuttle from the zoo, we brought cushions and jackets. In the picture Theron is sitting there watching cartoons on the Ipod to get us through the last 20 minutes before the show started. The bad part was leaving. Poor Theron in that sea of people that seemed endless. It was about 11 when we finally got home and he petitioned for a condensed bedtime routine that included book reading, but not toothbrushing. Request denied. It didn't matter anyway because he basically put on his pajamas and closed his eyes, fini.

This last week I looked into getting Theron signed up for soccer. We finally got word that space was available and we could register him. We thought we'd better ask Theron to be sure we weren't imagining that he would like it, and he told Ashley "I can hardly wait!".

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